Load In, Load Out: How to Boost Efficiency & Safety



Musicians and their crew are familiar with the scenario of lugging musical equipment in and out of a venue. In what is often hours of work (on the front end and the back end), there is pressure to get set up/leave on time so as to keep the venue, other performers and the fans satisfied. All the while, they must ensure that the items and the crew handling them remain safe in transit — or else the performance may be delayed or, depending on the equipment, canceled altogether.

In what’s referred to in the industry as the “load in, load out” process, there’s a need to balance efficiency with safety. The good news is that road cases support these efforts. Here’s how.

How Road Cases Streamline Load In, Load Out

They Are Lightweight

A good amount of the musical equipment lugged inside a venue is already on the heavier side, from larger instruments to elaborate scenery for the stage. Knowing that these items will require more strength to carry, the last thing a musician and their crew wants to do is add weight where it isn’t needed.

One of the benefits of road cases is that they are designed to be lightweight. This is attributed in part to the nature of the materials used (e.g., plywood/ABS laminate, plastic composite board) as well as the fact that these cases can be precisely fitted to your equipment.

They Are Durable

In the matter of a week, a musician can play three to four gigs, which translates into three or four load in, load out processes. With all of this movement between vehicles and venues (with many obstacles in between), it’s no secret that cases can take a bit of a beating over time.

Because road cases are durable, they can withstand the day-to-day manhandling and storage that comes with the territory of the music industry. This strength ensures that road cases can continue to deliver the same degree of protection to musical equipment over time — no matter if the tour bus gets bouncy or inclement weather strikes.

They Can Be Optimized for Mobility

While road cases are naturally designed to be more portable than their traditional counterparts, certain features can be added to maximize their ease of mobility. From wheels that enable road cases to be rolled across a venue to pull handles that simplify their handling, such customization can further streamline the load in, load out process. (And subsequently, minimize the chance for injuries on the job or damaged goods.)

Turn Your Road Case Idea into a Tangible Item

Every musician and crew want to keep their equipment portable and safe — but needs vary greatly from one group to the next. Road Case Designer accounts for these unique needs.

By specifying what you need in a road case (e.g., dimensions, materials, colors) via a DIY design tool, the team of experts at Road Case Designer builds a custom road case design suited to your needs. See how it works, and start preparing for your next tour today!


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