Get Aerospace Equipment Safely Off the Ground & Back



Aerospace equipment like flight controls and landing gears are delicate in nature. When in transit, this equipment must be housed in cases that deliver maximum protection, but also do so without adding unnecessary weight to the product per industry standards.

With its customization capabilities, the DIY Road Case Designer tool achieves this balance — and here’s how.

Lightweight Construction of Aerospace Cases

Wasting an inch of space is not ideal for any product case, but it’s especially important in the world of aerospace cases. The aerospace industry is known for its emphasis on reducing the degree of excess cargo size, so tailoring the case to the exact specifications of the product(s) inside is imperative. (Not to mention, excess space also translates into wasted materials and unnecessary costs.)

The Road Case Designer tool enables you to align the dimensions of your aerospace case with the dimensions of your aerospace equipment. Conserving space saves costs on the construction of the aerospace case, reduces future shipping costs and ensures the case is in adherence to industry standards.

As aerospace cases become lighter, they also become easier to handle. That means there are fewer chances of cases being dropped — an issue that becomes nearly obsolete when casters are added to the case via the Road Case Designer tool.

Proper Protection for Aerospace Equipment

Aerospace equipment can experience a lot of turbulence in transit — whether it’s bumps in the road or in the sky. To protect the integrity of the aerospace case and the equipment inside, it’s crucial that cases are fitted to the items to keep them secure and that the right materials are used to defend the equipment from the inside out.

Road Case Designer gives you the means to customize the materials used on the exterior of the aerospace case as well as the padding inside. Let’s say you’re transporting especially delicate aerospace equipment like deep space telescope mirrors or calibration kits. A custom foam can be added to the aerospace case to further cushion and cradle these products in transit, with the weight of the products helping to dictate the type of foam to use and its thickness.

With these customization options in mind, our custom cases can be tailored to not only adhere to but far exceed the ATA-300 standards.

Interested in seeing how our DIY Road Case Designer tool works? Try it out here.


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