Why Silicone Is a Great Option for Custom Tablet Cases

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When sales teams travel to meet with prospective or current customers, their what-to-pack list looks quite different than it did a handful of years ago. Instead of carting around bulky catalogs and other printed materials, sales teams have embraced mobile technologies, especially tablets. These handheld devices take up minimal space and put sales and marketing materials right in the fingertips of salespeople while they’re in the field.

There’s no question of the convenience of tablet devices, but there is a question of safety. Because of their thin glass screens, tablets are known to be sensitive to heavy impacts, whether that’s in the form of turbulence on a flight, unexpected speed bumps on the road or even just a device dropped in transit.

To prevent the dreaded scenario of a cracked screen or performance issues (upon arrival to a sales presentation, in this example), it’s important to choose the right custom tablet case — one that reflects your brand and uses the right materials for the job, which in this case is silicone.

Why Silicone Is the Ideal Material for Your Custom Tablet Case

While silicone offers the flexibility needed to custom mold cases around a tablet device, this lightweight, rubber-like material is also recognized for its very durable nature. The elasticity of silicone allows it to bend and absorb shock without causing damage to the device stored inside.

As a silicone case protects tablets from vibrations and pressure, it also defends against other elements too. Because silicone is tolerant of extreme temperatures, it can maintain its integrity in the face of harsh heat or cold — and thus maintain protection of the tablet as well. Silicone is also a natural repellant of water, so devices remain protected in the face of something as minor as a spill to as powerful as a storm.

It’s also worth noting that silicone has excellent resistance to UV light as well as antimicrobial properties.

Designing & Manufacturing a Silicone Custom Case

While silicone offers innate benefits to custom tablet cases, this optimal material needs to pair with optimal design and manufacturing techniques. After all, it’s this combination of elements that ultimately works together to produce the most effective and economical results.

As a custom case provider, Cases By Source has experience custom molding silicone cases and skins around a variety of products, incorporating unique brand identifiers into designs. So while products remain protected on the move, you’ll market your brand in a more tangible way.

To learn more about our work with silicone cases and skins, visit this resource.


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