3 Trends to Note in Industrial Product Packaging

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industrial product packaging trends

The world of packaging solutions is an evolving landscape — and when it comes to industrial product packaging, there are some newer trends on the rise. While some of these trends are prevalent across other industries, there are those unique variables that play specifically to the industrial space.

Trend #1: The Push Toward More Sustainable Solutions

Historically speaking, the mindset of companies has been to find ways to reduce packaging costs. While this remains a priority, the shift in consumer preferences paired with a readiness to support the environment have prompted companies to revisit their current packaging processes and find innovative ways to reduce waste.

While sustainable packaging is often discussed from the standpoint of consumers, other product manufacturers and retailers are also taking notice and prioritizing a more sustainable framework throughout the supply chain. This translates into working with other industrial partners who align their efforts with this paradigm.

These sustainable efforts can take shape in many forms. Alongside making responsible choices for the packaging materials used, it’s also a matter of designing packaging that properly protects and extends the shelf life of industrial products to further reduce waste.

Trend #2: Different Packaging Formats to Support Different Uses

Industrial product packaging isn’t always a matter of transporting goods from an OEM to an end supplier. In some cases, it’s a matter of earning business in the first place.

Alongside the traditional, durable shipping cases that are used to transport industrial products, sales and marketing kits for these same products have also become a packaging priority. Take automotive parts, for instance. During an on-site presentation with a dealer partner, an OEM wants to make the best impression possible — and well-designed and organized packaging is a selling point on that journey.

To this end — from both a transport and sales standpoint — more industrial companies are investing in customized packaging solutions that are equipped with brand identifiers (from colors to logos) and tailored foam inserts that simplify the organization and accessibility of products. That way, they make a good impression on the recipient, wherever the products are received.

Trend #3: Turning Packaging into More of a Marketing Tool

Packaging can get products noticed — for better or for worse. This helps explain why 30% businesses that improve their product packaging report an increase in revenue.

While packaging improvements can come in the form of more durable solutions that preserve product safety and exude quality, there are also those aesthetic differences that can differentiate products in the marketplace. Circling back to the conversation above, branded industrial product packaging not only draws the attention of prospective customers, it can also inform them about the value of the product stored inside as well as the mission of the brand.

Let’s consider this in the context of a granite tile display case. The exterior of the case can be outfitted with messaging to highlight the transformations of kitchen and baths, while the interior of the case can feature individual compartments to display every tile at once. Product literature tucked inside inserts within the case provide further context for prospective customers that can support the process from marketing to sales.

Customized Packaging Options That Suit Your Industrial Products

At Cases By Source, we’re well-versed in designing and manufacturing custom cases for industrial products. While protecting your products in the most cost-effective and economical manner, we’ll work with you to design professional packaging that is a tangible representation of your brand. Pairing quality products with quality packaging lends itself to a better experience for B2B relationships, and in turn fuels the continuation of existing partnerships and development of new partnerships.

To learn more about how we can support your industrial product packaging needs for new and existing products, request a free consultation to get the conversation started.


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