Medical Device Cases

Medical device and pharmaceutical companies require cases with demanding aesthetic and functional needs. At times special resins are required to withstand specific temperature ranges or other critical tolerances when shipping valuable drugs, blood or tissue. We have many years of experience solving case problems presented by Merck, Wyeth, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, and others. Everything from sensitive medical devices for sales forces, to endoscopes, to medical implants, to EMS case solutions for first responders, we are prepared to use these best practices in developing your solution. Case design is an evolutionary process and partnership; we can help guide your team from Concept, through Production, through on time Delivery.  
The Process
We are passionate about creating the best custom designed carrying solutions for your medical products. At the foundation of this is to understand your vision and requirements so our industrial designers can combine corporate branding, design requirements, and technology innovations to design a truly custom, branded case solution. Depending on complexity, this process can take from 3 weeks to 12 months. A solution for a patient monitoring product will be very different from an EMS product—our 30 years of expertise in this area will be evident in your solution. During the design phase, renderings will be provided to ensure that we execute against the vision. Upon approval, first articles will be manufactured for testing and approval. Modifications are made if necessary depending on the testing results, and your custom cases enter the Production phase of our process. Many customers require monthly releases, kanban's, or alternative shipping arrangements to compliment manufacturing and timing of your medical components—we have the expertise and experience to support these JIT shipping requests. Contact a Sales Engineer for a Free Consultation. 
Our design staff has experience designing medical equipment cases:
Key Customers
  • Diabetic Test Cases
  • Dialysis Testing Cases
  • Endoscope Cases
  • Hearing Instrument Cases
  • Hemophiliac Life Saver Cases
  • Laser Surgery Demo Cases
  • Medical Imaging Cases
  • Mobile CAT Scan Case
  • Power Pack Cases
  • Oxygen Tank Cases
  • Patient Monitoring Cases
  • Temperature Controlled Shippers
  • Ramp Cases for Rolling Equipment
  • X-Ray Machine Cases
Pelican Cases


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