CONSUMER: 5 Cool Ways Drones Are Being Used


It seems like everyday you’re hearing about drones in the news. Although the word “drone” can have a negative connotation, these small flying robots with cameras can be used in a variety of creative ways. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) has limitless applications. Below, I’ll dive into 5 of the ways drones are being used for “good”.

  1. Delivery

Drones really began to hit mainstream America through Amazon’s unveiling of their Amazon Prime Air project. Amazon wanted to utilize unmanned aircrafts to deliver small parcels that weigh a few kilos. Their goal was to deliver products within thirty minutes. Using a camera and GPS system, their small UAVs would be able to deliver items within minutes of clicking ‘Checkout’.

Amazon’s idea has sparked interest in the delivery business. Google and Dominos began research and trialing their own UAVs. Delivering items in the quickest means possible can change the way we transport and deliver goods.

  1. Real Estate

Real Estate agents are using these flying cameras to capture breathtaking aerial shots.

Agents are capturing beautiful views of properties and homes which is becoming a great selling tool. Aerial photos of these lands can create a great advertising aspect to a listing. Some properties are so large that only a video from the sky can capture an estate’s beauty. Professional drone operators are hired to create breathtaking photos and videos of luxurious properties. Lending a bird’s eye view of these properties add another dimension to the Real Estate market.

  1. Music Videos

Utilizing drones is the latest trend in music videos production. UAVs can access remote places to capture spectacular footage. Although drones are pricey, they are relatively affordable in comparison to the cost of expensive professional videography equipment. High speed car chases or aerial view images can be easily obtained. Capturing footage from the air has been popular with music group OK Go in their new music video I Won’t Let You Down. Their music video showcases the possibilities that UAVs can present to the film and photography industries.

  1. Farming

UAVs are becoming a valuable tool in farming and agricultural communities. Drones allow farmers to monitor their land and crops. Particularly large farms can truly benefit from drones, as they can quickly capture important information to increase yields and reduce the amount of damaged crops. Some farmers monitor nearby animals that graze on the farm. Unlike crop imaging through manned aircrafts, farmers can now fly their own UAVs to monitor their crops all the time. Farmers are now viewing patterns in their crops to discover irrigation, infestation, or other problems.

  1. Medical Emergencies

UAVs are continually being praised by the medical community. They have the potential to deliver small packages to remote and hard-to-reach areas. Drones are currently being field-tested for medical use. Disaster relief can be improved tremendously with the usage of drones. UAVs can quickly and more accurately deliver medicine to people in remote areas.

These are just a handful of cool new innovative ways drones are being used for “good”.

Flying UAVs for commercial use must be approved by the FAA on a case-by-case basis, however. This technology is still so new and as it continues to develop, people will discover new applications to utilize UAVs. Drones have the potential to change the world we live in. With drones, the sky’s the limit (pun intended).

Tell us about your favorite way to use your drone!

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