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How to Reduce Shipping and Rental Costs for Upcoming Trade Shows

Trade Show

As the summer ends and fall rolls in we know trade show season is right around the corner. Being an exhibitor, we’ve seen how packing, shipping, and setup can be very cumbersome and expensive. Getting your booth components to the show is one thing, not to mention storing your large shipping crates during the show. Then, you can’t forget about the table rentals. All this starts to add up. We knew there was a better solution….that’s when we developed the Booth in a Box.

The Challenge

After several trade shows, we were tired of waiting for our shipping crates and experienced the difficulties of setting and packing up our displays. Observing fellow trade show exhibitors’ poor packing habits and insufficient product protection inspired us to create a better solution for clients who needed a more efficient method of transport for displays and merchandise.

The Response

Our “Booth in a Box” case was inspired by a previous case we designed for the military. This design allowed troops to set up impromptu workstations and communication posts in the field. The case serves a dual function as a shipping container and a convertible exhibit fixture.

The Solution

For a recent trade show, we put our “Booth in a Box” to the test. In two of our new 48” x 28” x 30” Booth in a Box trade show cases, we packed the contents of a 10’ x 10’ booth. Our design team innovatively designed the case lid to transform into tables when placed next to the bases and draped to create standard 8’ tables. Each case contains 14.39 feet of space, allowing us to pack ancillary literature, coats, tools, and other non-essentials in our interior storage space. While our fellow exhibitors inventory struggled setting up with their freight and battle "popcorn," bubble wrap, packing tape, and banged-up corrugated containers, we simply removed the protective plastic wrap from our cases’ exteriors, lifted the lids, assembled the tables, and set up our materials. Compared with our fellow exhibitors, we too less than half the time to set up the exact same-sized booths. At the end of the trade show, we packed our cases, folded down the table legs into the lid, placed the lids on the cases, and left for the airport…back home an entire day early!




What are you waiting for? Who doesn't need to reduce shipping and rental expenses. It's time to get started with our Booth in a Box at your next trade show? Learn more about our innovative design:

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