Are Pelican Cases Waterproof?

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are pelican cases waterproof

There are three things every Pelican case is made to be: crushproof, dustproof and — you guessed it — waterproof.

All Pelican cases are built to go for a swim. While some Pelican cases are outfitted with unique features that amplify their durability, all Pelican cases are the same in the sense that they can be submerged in water at a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes. 

When you look back at the roots of the Pelican brand, it’s natural that these cases are built to withstand full immersion. After all, the brand started as a water marker location for scuba divers.

The Underwater Roots of Pelican Cases

In 1976, Dave Parker — a scuba enthusiast — fashioned an innovative safety tool that was dubbed the “Pelican Float”. Made up of twine, a hockey stick handle and a metal weight, the float bobbed on the water’s surface and marked locations for scuba divers.

This scuba-inspired theme carried on to Parker’s next product: a first-aid kit for divers. With safety in mind once again, the kit needed to be designed so that it could keep the first-aid supplies from water damage. It successfully did that, and was a hit with divers.

Pelican Cases Offer a Solid Foundation to Build On

The open-cell core and solid-wall construction of Pelican cases makes them watertight — and in turn, that keeps the products they house safe in the face of extreme moisture.

At the same time, Pelican cases offer the benefits of ultra-durable protection that allows them to handle hazardous conditions, as well as a design that is up to 40% lighter than the other polymer cases on the market.

At Cases By Source, we recognize the value Pelican products bring to the table, but we also know there are times when stock cases need to be customized. Businesses may need foam inserts to cushion and secure their products, power and cooling solutions to maintain proper ventilation for products in transit, or insert panels to keep case contents organized. In other cases, customization requests may come down to aesthetics, where businesses want to equip a case exterior with a company logo or digitally printed labels.

As a go-to authorized dealer of custom Pelican case solutions, we can help you merge the built-in benefits of Pelican cases with the customization elements your products and brand require. Learn more about our approach, and see examples of our custom work.


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