How Important Is Product Packaging? Very, to Keep It Simple

Products and packaging may seem like two separate topics for manufacturers. But when you start to realize how tightly the two are intertwined, it quickly becomes clear why product packaging needs to be more than an afterthought to product development.

The Direct Impact Product Packaging Has on Your Business

Whether products are being marketed on store shelves or are being distributed to business partners, how they are packaged plays a role that extends beyond just getting them to their final destination in one piece. Packaging is essentially a sales tool for your products and your brand. And when done right, the influence on key stakeholders is big.

The Consumer Side of the Conversation

Let’s talk about consumers first. When product packaging on a retail shelf tells a story, from the colors and graphics to the messaging, it is more likely to attract the attention of consumers — and as research shows, trigger a purchase.


Source: Cases By Source

In fact, nearly 1 in 4 consumers purchased a product because its packaging was appealing to them.

At the same time, the branded packaging also makes consumers see the product as more valuable. In that same survey, 63% of consumers said a premium package elevated their perception of the product stored inside. With an elevated perception, consumers are not only more incentivized to make a purchase, they’re also willing to pay more because of that attributed value.

The Business Partner Side of the Conversation

Then there are the businesses that rely on your products and parts. Just as product packaging influences the way consumers perceive and interact with your brand, the same can be said for business partners.


Source: Cases By Source

Let’s first look at this through the lens of a supplier-manufacturer relationship. When a shipment of parts or products shows up in low-quality packaging, it can not only make the manufacturer weary of potential damage to the items; it can make them think less of the brand. This loss of trust between suppliers and manufacturers can lead to severed ties.

Another angle we can look at this from is the manufacturer-distributor relationship. If a distributor inherits low-quality packaging from a manufacturer, this packaging becomes a poor reflection on their own brand. This can also cause strain between the two parties.

Consider this: 73% of people involved in B2B buying decisions are millennials. This group of individuals gravitates toward branded packaging that connects with them on an emotional level, whether it’s the brand’s mission or a sustainability commitment.

Make Cases By Source an Extension of Your Team

Good product packaging has a clear impact on a company’s bottom line. As a tangible representation of your brand, it plays a critical role in your marketing strategy and helps grow your sales.

At the same time, we realize businesses don’t always have the bandwidth to make their product packaging a priority. That’s where Cases By Source can step in as an extension of your team.

Pairing the most effective manufacturing techniques with an extensive list of branding capabilities, we design and manufacture the ideal product packaging solution for your needs. While developing eye-catching, branded packaging that will stand out from the crowd and appeal to your target audience, our custom case solutions are designed to ensure products stay safe and secure while on the move.

Interested in working with Cases By Source on your custom case project? Request a consultation today so we can discuss next steps.


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