Custom Product Cases: Going Beyond Technical Needs

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When product managers or engineers think about custom product cases, their mind often goes to technical requirements. They want to make sure their products are safe and secure in transit, and stock cases don’t always provide that peace of mind. 

Maybe it’s a uniquely shaped product that requires a uniquely shaped case, sensitive products that require a custom foam insert to deliver added security, or a product that is prone to overheating and needs cooling solutions to be in place. In any of these cases, the reason for going custom circles back to the need to prevent costly product damage.

While the technical side of things remains a critical part of the need for custom product cases, the modern idea of customization extends far beyond that. Today, you’ll find an emphasis around custom product cases that emphasize branding and complement the products stored inside a case. 

Custom Product Cases That Reflect Brand Colors

It only takes 90 seconds for a consumer to make a judgment about a product. Anywhere between 60% and 90% of these judgments are based on colors alone. While the use of brand colors differentiates a custom product case from the competition, a cohesive color palette across all tangible and intangible parts of your brand builds awareness and trust. The easier it is for individuals to recognize your brand and attach positive emotions to it, the more likely they are to make future purchases from their partner.

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Source: Cases By Source

Custom Product Cases That Include Unique Identifiers

A PMS color-matched case is one chapter in a brand story; there are also others like a company’s logo or their mission statement. While color may be the first variable about a custom product case that individuals notice, these other brand identifiers have an even more powerful impact on brand awareness. They reinforce your company’s name and offer insight into the values of the business so consumers (and B2B partners) can have a deeper connection with your brand right off the bat.

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Custom Product Cases That Feature Complementary Inserts

Whether it’s a VR system for consumers or a medical device for doctors, end users often have questions about the products they receive — from how to set it up, to how to use it, to how to troubleshoot issues that pop up. While product documentation provides these answers, a product case that doesn’t provide a natural home for this paperwork leaves end users with the frustration of having to store it elsewhere on-site — and it’s more likely documentation will be lost. A custom insert within a case can accommodate this paperwork and make it easier for end users to get answers when they need them.

complementary inserts

Source: Cases By Source

We Can Accommodate All Your Custom Product Case Needs

Custom product cases offer a lot of opportunities for businesses. At Cases By Source, we have the engineering expertise to ensure your cases meet the exact specifications and demands of your product. Simultaneously, we offer an array of branding capabilities and other complementary features that enhance the unboxing experience all the more.

Whether you’re launching a new product or looking to refresh packaging for an existing product, we’ll work with you to develop a custom case that meets your needs. Kick the conversation off by requesting a consultation today!


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