The Value of Portable Charging Stations in the Field

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Over the past several years, digital scores have increased across virtually all industries. While speed and advancement varies widely in the digitization race, this general shift is a nod to the increasing number of digital tools professionals use — often on a daily basis.

In many scenarios, these digital tools are utilized in the field via an iPad, tablet or other mobile device. The New York Times reported on this growing use of iPads for business, noting that half of iPad sales are made by corporations and government organizations.

While the potential value of these devices is clear from a productivity and communication standpoint, this ROI is directly tied to how well these mobile devices can keep their power in the field.

The Struggle to Keep Mobile Devices Powered in the Field

When it comes to professions that spend hours in the field, a few examples come to mind:

  • Surveyors taking measurements to determine property boundaries
  • Technicians servicing power lines, roads and other key infrastructure
  • Landscapers working on installation and maintenance projects

When you consider the amount of time that these professionals are outdoors, odds are a mobile device used on the site will need to be recharged before they’re back at their home base. As part of this conversation, it’s worth noting that exposure to very hot or cold temperatures (a variable of concern in the above examples) can further deplete the battery life for any device.

Finding a way to power mobile devices when work takes place outdoors is not an easy feat. With outlets not easily accessible, professionals can end up having to start their car to power devices on the go, and in the process of doing so experience a higher degree of downtime. And as we all know, more downtime translates into missed profits.

A Portable Charging Station Offers Convenience in the Field

Access to a portable charging station helps field workers continue to do their job without inconvenience or delay. Mobile devices can be charged without use of an outlet, all while keeping cables and other accessories intact to avoid product loss and damage.

But what if there was a way to have an iPad storage case double as a portable charging station? In other words, the case professionals use to carry mobile devices on-site could include integrated cable ports and wiring configurations to power up the device as well. Combining the two elements would save professionals both space and setup time.

Cases By Source has years of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing these types of high-tech cases. Rather than having to keep track of charging cables and find a place to plug them in, our charging station cases offer field workers a convenient, quick way to power up iPads, tablets and other mobile devices on the go. These cases can also be outfitted with lockdown features for theft prevention as well as internal fans that prevent overheating.

Are portable charging stations a good fit for your business? Let’s see how we can help. Request a free consultation today.



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