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Think of us as an extension of your team

Our team collaborates with yours — helping build on your personal strengths while taking the lead in areas outside your wheelhouse (pun intended).


Developing the right case with and for you

With access to various materials and manufacturing processes, we have the ability to help turn your pie-in-the-sky ideas into innovative and realized solutions.


Without the headaches you've come to expect

We handle all the elements of the process you’d rather not. Where others may say, “Impossible!” or “uh?” — we make it happen. With 100% less need for Advil®.

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Who we are

At Cases By Source, we combine the latest technologies with our design and manufacturing expertise — building stock and custom cases that meet the ever-evolving and highly specific needs of our customers. From commercial presentation cases to military applications and everything in between, our aim is to develop product shipping solutions that make businesses run smoother and lives that much easier.

Who we help

Product Managers

  • Walk the balance between visual appeal and performance
  • Get effective, economical packaging solutions fast
  • Utilize design for manufacturing (DFM) to stay on schedule
“Design sets don’t always translate into manufactured products. With the DFM approach that Cases By Source uses, we can eliminate these headaches and maintain our intended timeline.”
-Product Manager at Stryker
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Lead Engineers

  • Properly secure products and prevent physical harm
  • Avoid compliance issues when products are delivered
  • Leverage materials and processes that meet industry standards
“Cases By Source embraces technical problems. They work with us to ensure that the functional requirements of our metalworking products are met — from the design table to the end-user.”
-Engineer at The Harris Products Group
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Marketing Managers

  • Create a memorable unboxing experience for the end-user
  • Constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition
  • Accelerate speed-to-market to earn more profits
“We wanted packaging solutions that would complement the quality of our audio technology. With the help of Cases By Source, our products are visually impressive — inside and out.”
-Marketing Manager at Beats by Dre
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Sourcing Managers

  • Achieve innovative, quality results that align with budget needs
  • Get an all-in-one solution that minimizes the number of supplier relationships
  • Hit the sweet spot of delivering a product on time and within budget
“Cases By Source isn’t just a supplier; they’re innovators. Not only do their solutions guide our case projects from start to finish, but they also help streamline our logistics as a whole.”
-Sourcing Manager at IBM
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How we build your case

The design and manufacturing of custom cases doesn’t have to be a painful and segmented process. At Cases By Source, we’ve established a detailed road map to design and build solutions from the ground up — ones that successfully bring your ideas and vision to life… while leaving any and all of the painful parts to us.

See How We Do It
How we build your case

Need a little inspiration for your custom case?

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