We’ve Realigned Our Production Capabilities to Support the Demand for Face Masks and Other PPE Products

In the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, personal protection equipment (PPE) like face masks and face shields are in high demand and there’s a shortage across the U.S. While this raises the biggest concerns for healthcare professionals on the front lines, we’ve learned that, as the virus spreads, it’s vital that we as a nation invest in protective equipment (as well as social distance) to slow down the spread of the virus, or “flatten the curve.”

At Cases By Source, we are doing our part to answer the call for help. We have refocused a large part of our sewing and foam production capacity to produce face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) components — with the goal of helping businesses like yours keep employees safe.

With Your
Contribution, We Can
Work Together to Put More
Masks in the Hands of
Essential Personnel — While
Keeping Your Team

The Cases By Source facility is located in northern New Jersey, a community that has been a hot-spot for COVID-19 and has endured a lot of loss. Every day, our healthcare workers risk their lives without proper protection. While our cloth masks are not N95, research shows that they help reduce the spread of the virus. If you want to help us protect our community as well as other communities around the U.S., we have developed a program that — together, with your contribution — can help provide more masks to essential personnel.

Below, you’ll find details about our face masks, how we’re giving back and how to place your order.

Due to mounting evidence that infected people without symptoms can spread the virus, the CDC recommends that all Americans wear cloth masks in public settings where it is difficult to social distance. In some states, this is now a mandated order.


According to a Harvard analysis, many parts of the U.S. would not have the number of hospital beds needed to treat COVID-19 patients. To prevent our healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed, it’s imperative that we take proactive steps now.

An Alternative,
Not a Replacement to N95 Masks

The face masks we produce here in the U.S. are not intended to replace medical-grade N95 masks. Instead, they offer an alternative for individuals who are not healthcare professionals but still want to have that protective barrier in place. This enables your team to remain protected without reducing the availability of N95 masks for healthcare workers who need them the most.


A Product You Can Wash & Reuse

As noted by the CDC, washing machines are considered an effective way to properly disinfect face masks after use. Because our face masks are machine-washable and can be ordered in large quantities, we can help to ease the management of their daily use. While one face mask is in the wash, an employee can have another one on hand to wear to work.


As we produce masks and equipment for you and your team, we are also making donations to essential workers, hospitals and nonprofit organizations.

Placing An Order for PPE

We have 10-packs of our face masks and face shields available for
purchase. Refer to the links below to order.
Non-Woven Mask Woven Mask Disposable Mask Face Shield

If you are a company or an individual looking to purchase masks in bulk at 500 units or more, please call your sales rep or fill out the form below for more information on pricing and lead times.